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Mayor Christenson’s Top Issues

Malden continues to be a City that is welcoming, engaging, and full of transformative change!

Combating Climate Change

Mayor Christenson and his team are revolutionizing our response to the climate crisis by planting thousands of trees, building a new riverfront park, increasing renewable energy, eliminating lead pipes, and investing in our first Climate Action Plan.

Downtown Redevelopment

Malden’s historic Downtown reconfiguration and redevelopment have completely reshaped the way residents, visitors, and businesses experience the city.

Public Safety

New policies for Malden’s police and fire ensure modern public services with transparency and accountability.

Malden Hospital

The site of the former Malden Hospital will offer the latest in inpatient behavioral healthcare and intensive outpatient programs, and will care for patients of all ages, including the most vulnerable members of the community, while also adding 6.7 acres of public open space.


Mayor Christenson has launched and expanded multiple programs to protect families and provide options and support for housing affordability.

Language Access

Mayor Christenson’s committment to a welcoming city for all residents has driven him to create multilingual city resources so nobody is left out.

The Arts

Malden is home to talented musicians, visual artists, and performers who have their crafts shown and installed throughout the city.

Students & Youth

Mayor Christenson knows our young people deserve every chance to live happy, healthy, and fulfilled lives. That’s why he’s pursued multiple programs for young people across the city.

Career Services

Malden residents deserve to have access to gainful employment, and Mayor Christenson has pursued programming to support adult and student jobseekers.


Malden’s always improving infrastructure to make sure our public buildings and services and modern, functional, and efficient.


As the son of a Vietnam Veteran, Mayor Christenson learned early about the importance of supporting our veterans.

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